Job Opportunity!

WTP is searching for a new Managing Artistic Director. This position, working in close partnership with the Board of Directors, will oversee the artistic vision and strategy of the organization, as well as day-to-day operations and programs. (more info)

Coming up next...

The 24-Hour Play Festival, October 11, 8pm. It's bold. It's risky. The mantra of the 24-Hour Plays has always been: This ain't theatre for crybabies... (more info)

How we work

We offer readings, educational seminars, and opportunities for playwrights to see and hear their work onstage - from its earliest stages to the point when it's ready for a full production by a theatre.

Theatre = Collaboration

We connect playwrights with directors, actors, audiences, theatres and theatre organizations to help them create their plays. We also help our playwrights understand the process of promoting their plays and serve as a clearinghouse for theatres that are interested in new work.

Our goal

To help our writers develop plays that engage the world.