Our Mission

To provide all playwrights with the opportunity to excel: by helping them tell their stories for the stage, fostering the development of well-crafted plays, and increasing the visibility of theatre in the community.

How we work

We offer readings, educational seminars, and opportunities for playwrights to see and hear their work onstage - from its earliest stages to the point when it's ready for a full production by a theatre.

Theatre = Collaboration

We connect playwrights with directors, actors, audiences, theatres and theatre organizations to help them create their plays. We also help our playwrights understand the process of promoting their plays and serve as a clearinghouse for theatres that are interested in new work.

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Hush Now
by Penny Micklebury
The Ethel Woolson Lab - Nov 2, 2014, 7.30pm at Alliance Theatre. Harriette Adams has spent her entire adult life doing everything right, following all the rules: She goes to work every day, she keeps herself and her home neat and clean, she makes certain no one else hears the voices in her head... (read more)


Our goal

To help our writers develop plays that engage the world.